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The Heartland

   Serving Kansas and Missouri    

January 2021 ASH Office Hours

The physical office will be closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 crisis. We apologize for the inconvienence. Please continue to call and email, as we will be working remotely to continue to serve our autism community.

The virtual office will be closed January 18.

*To guarantee that someone is in the physical office, please call first.

Membership Renewal

It's time to sign up or renew your membership for the New Year! General memberships are good for each calendar year ending on December 31, 2021. They can be set up to be renewed automatically or manually each year here. Memberships include monthly e-newsletters, free entry to multiple members-only events throughout the year, and opportunities for members-only scholarships and grants! Sign up now to begin receiving membership benefits for 2021!



COVID-19 Updates and Information

Autism Society - The Heartland's COVID-19 Reflief Fund continues! Please see our webpage for more information about this opportunity!


We also now have virtual support group options!


For more information, updates, and resources about COVID-19, please reference Autism Society of America's COVID-19 Preparedness and Resouces website. Please also check our Facebook page for more local updates and information in the KC Metro area, and for updates about cancellations and postponed ASH events. You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter that contains more information and updates from multiple sources.

 Congratualtions to the Chavez Family for receiving their Drakey's iPad Communication Scholarship items November 2020! Learn more about our scholarship opportunities here!


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